About the artist W. R. Hell

Photo made in 2011. W. R. Hell with Relief "Klangformen".

W. R. Hell (born in1957) is a sculptor and painter. He has lived in München for many years where he frequently exhibits his pieces.

His father was well known in the Chiemgau area as a sculptor in wood. Through his mother's family he is related to Dominikus Zimmermann, the architect of the world-famous Wieskirche and an eminent stuccoworker of the so-called School of Wessobrunn.

The artist W. R. Hell cannot be defined by a particular style. In his different works of art he quite consciously chooses a wide variety of forms, styles and approaches.

His intensive study of Kandinsky and Barlach, the masters of Cubism, and also the stucco works of his ancester Dominikus Zimmermann gave him important artistic impulses.

His dancing practice constitutes another decisive source of inspiration: "Due to my background as a dancer (Butho and Creative Dance) I am able to transform the movement of music into sculptured movements; the forms of music find an expression in my artistic work.

How does the artist place himself in society?

W. R. Hell: "An artist should be conscious of himself to such an extent that he is able to bring the qualities of his soul to light in his work. It should embody his wholly individual expression of soul and spirit. Therefore the artist first of all is creative out of himself and only for himself. He is apart from society and should be independent of short-lived fashions. Art that can freely evolve from the the artist's depths stands aloof from the tastes of his time. It may not attract so much attention; nevertheless it is a counter-point of the fugitive trends.

Interview with the artist on Youtube

An interview given by the sculptor and painter W. R. Hell in 2006 is available on YouTube: